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There has never been a better time in history for a journalist than right now. Unfortunately, if your focus is the truth, there has never been a worse time to get paid for it.

The fourth estate is dead. Our Western media, for the most part, now only exists to serve power and promote it’s agenda, rather than hold it accountable. Our media has very few journalists. The good journalists were cast to the fringes of society, replaced with a spineless liberal elite whose jobs mostly revolve around promoting intelligence services’ disinformation and doing governmental and corporate public relations.

They’re derelict in their duties.

Rather than inform and educate the general public, our mainstream and legacy media opted to help the ruling elite in this country confuse, misinform and dumb-down the general public to the point that very few people know what is actually going on.

I suspect that it’s this way because if the public did get a whiff of what was being done in their name on the backs of their wealth, they may start demanding heads roll. Literally.

I also suspect that if things really did turn out that way, our media would air televised weekly beheadings on pay-per-view.

I believe that there is a better path we can take than to swallow whatever bullshit our governments are feeding us through their public relations teams in our bought and paid for corporate media. I believe all people really want, is for somebody they trust to explore subjects with them that interest them. I believe if we all start living an ethical and sustainable existence based on truth, even if sometimes those truths are uncomfortable and make our lives more uncomfortable, that we can build a better platform for future generations.

We need a new media. An independent media free from corporate interests whose true focus is to educate, inform, and maybe even sometimes entertain.

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