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There has never been a better time in history for a journalist focused primarily on the truth, or a media outlet which seeks to expose lies and government corruption, than right now.

Unfortunately, there has never been a worse time to get paid for it.

In order for me to continue my work, and eventually grow to the size where I can employ others on a living wage, I need your help. It’s not just me, either. The entire independent media need your support.

The fourth estate is dead. Our Western media, for the most part, now only exists to serve power and promote it’s agenda, rather than hold it accountable. They are derelict in their duties, and the very fabric of democracy, and indeed humanity, is now at a very real risk if this problem is not addressed.

I intend to do my part in exposing the truth, and coming to logical, objective conclusions based upon the facts at hand, even if those conclusions are uncomfortable to my pre-held beliefs. I also vow to make every video I produce FREE for all to watch, regardless of how much, or whether they contribute anything at all.

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