They’re laughing at you

I’m assuming you’ve seen this already but just in case you need a reminder, here’s a short clip of the Downing Street spokeswoman last year;

They’re laughing at you.

All of you people who said goodbye to elderly loved ones for the last time through a glass screen last year because the government had all but cancelled Christmas, and then your parents died, alone, with nobody around them who loved them?

They’re laughing at you.

Those 2,000+ of you prosecuted at Westminster magistrates court for breaching Covid regulations, with fines of up to £13k each and a combined million quid, all done behind “closed door” courts, they’re laughing at you.

Anybody who cancelled Christmas last year? They’re laughing at you. Anybody who followed the rules last year? They’re laughing at you.

And on the 18th of this month, the people who are laughing at you now will decide whether to cancel Christmas for you again this year and laugh at you some more.

You see, the rules don’t apply to them. And they know it. And that’s why they’re laughing. They are above the law.

Even if they’re pedophiles who’ve been fucking your children, they face no consequences. The law doesn’t apply to them.

Remember, these are the same people who declared in unison just a couple of years ago that “Nobody is above the law!”, as they dragged a journalist out of his political asylum and threw him in our most maximum of security prisons.

For over 2 years Julian Assange has been incarcerated in Belmarsh Prison. Rubbing shoulders with murderers and terrorists and rapists. They yelled “noone is above the law!”, as they dragged him from his political asylum, yet he’s in prison on remand, serving the hardest time having committed no crime whatsoever.

Unless, of course, it is a crime to be better than anyone in history at proving that they’re the real criminals in society.

There is a rumour they’re about to rule on Julian’s case, by the way. The case has basically fallen apart. There isn’t a case to answer to.

But I’m betting that if the Royal Courts of Justice figures out a way to continue the incarceration and psychological torture of a man who has proved more than anybody else in history that they, are in fact, the real criminals?

Well I’m betting if they get away with doing that, they’ll be laughing at you some more.

At least we got to see that £2.6M press room in pretend action before they scrapped it, eh?

4 thoughts on “They’re laughing at you”

  1. Spot on Gordon and in the next weeks or so the same people will probably be urging us to go to war over Ukraine. These people really are Thatchers spawn.

  2. I live in Florida and here being a free thinker I am an endangered species. I’ve been watching you for years now and your doing great work please keep it up! have a great holiday!

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