The world is watching as Israel commits crimes against humanity

Behold! A video of Israelis dancing:

“Shocking” translates the title. The scenes we are witnessing from the ground in the last few days in Israel are indeed, “Shocking”.

Those scenes were 3 days ago, the 10th May 2021, after the occupying force in Israel escalated their persecution of the Palestinian people by ejecting them from a celebration at the al-Aqsa Mosque, located in the Old City in Jerusalem, which is kind of a big deal for Muslims.

Now, I don’t wanna go into too much in detail for fear of offending, but this is the best way I can come up with explaining how big of a deal:

Imagine if sometime during the early 20th century, Russia told the Chinese, that they could live in Kent.

Then, decades later, China decided these people in Kent were rather annoying, but it was a really nice place to live and that they wanted it all for themselves, from the River Thames to the Sea of the Channel.

So, in the 60’s, the Chinese decided to illegally occupy England’s back garden, and inflict various human rights abuses upon and stealing the land and homes of the Christians who had lived there for centuries.

Imagine all that, then imagine the Chinese police moved in the weekend and ejected all Christians including women and children from Canterbury Cathedral with hand grenades in scenes like these during Easter Tuesday:

You can see why this sparked a retaliation from the Palestinian side, right? Remember that point. This rise in violence did not start with rockets and Israel defending itself.

Also remember, this is coming after the continued forced evictions of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, and the spread of Islamophobic violence throughout the area, which itself is a huge threat.

You can see that Hamas and the Palestinians have no option here but to fight back, right? You’ve seen this map, I hope:

These are a people that are being exterminated. This is a genocide being inflicted on a people by an occupying force in an apartheid state by a far-right government committing war crimes and cold-blooded murder on a regular basis while the world looks the other way.

The Palestinians did indeed strike back against this recent escalation of, let’s face it, far-right racism. They fired over a thousand rockets from Gaza at targets as far as over 70km away, including Tel-Aviv, into Israeli-held territories in incredible scenes. Here’s footage from the IDF showing their “Iron Dome” in action, defending against it:

The IDF are declaring this much-acclaimed and very-well funded “iron dome” defense system to be a resounding success. Evidently, not 100% though:

The Israeli side responded to this, by annihilating entire residential buildings in Gaza with precision strikes by guided missiles launched from multi-million dollar state-of-the-art warplanes, to which of course the Palestinian side have no defense to whatsoever.

Here’s one such strike:

The IDF gave the building manager an hour to get everybody out, at least. Their possessions, what little they have, all destroyed.

They’re the lucky ones, of course. As of the time of publishing, there are reports 60+ people killed, including over a dozen children. Nearly all of the casualties Palestinian. Nearly all of the hundreds of the injured are Palestinian.

Here’s what the airstrikes on Gaza look like, to give you an idea of the destruction.

Unsurprisingly, the way the Western media have been presenting this information to the public is slightly different to how I just have.

Compare and contrast what I have just laid out for you to this headline from the New York Post:

Airstrikes? Palestinians will be overjoyed to hear Hamas has discovered they have their own air force.

That’s literal fake news from the New York Post. Hamas doesn’t have an air-force. The 20 people killed, including 9 children, were killed in Gaza, and Israel killed them. The NYP literally flipped the information to make Hamas the perpetrators.

That headline aside, and many other of the usual misleading headlines in the Western media with the blame aimed at “both-sides”, the reaction around the world to Palestinians being killed by the dozens by a nuclear power feels different to other times.

There have been multiple protests attended by tens of thousands of people around the world in support of the Palestinians.

Something seems different this time. There seems to be a much louder condemnation of Israeli crimes. This is possibly to do with a 214 page Human Rights Watch report published a couple of weeks ago which found Israel to be an Apartheid State.

Here are some images from the report. Judge for yourself whether these findings might have had an effect.

Israel is an apartheid state. Human Rights Watch just confirmed what much of the world already knew. The evidence is there in plain site for all who care to look, and thanks to the information age of the interwebz more and more people around the world are beginning to realize it. As I mentioned, there were and still are huge gatherings around the world from people showing their support for Palestine in Jordan, South Africa, Lebanon, Turkey, multiple cities in America and many other countries as well.

I think I even saw some annoyed Canadians in Quebec, and they never get pissed off about anything.

Here’s Downing Street in London yesterday:

Jeremy is right. The whole world is seeing what is happening in real time. And not only are people around the world gathering in support for Palestine, but people aren’t putting up with any of the usual unequivocal support for Israel, either.

Andrew Yang, currently running for Mayor of NY and in a good position to win, said this in a tweet:

The next day at least one event he was due to speak at was cancelled. New Yorkers started coming up to him in the street and ask him to defend that tweet. He didn’t have an answer for her, of course…not until later in the day anyway. After, you know, I imagine his staffers got together with a focus group and came up with his scripted, a little less racist, response.

He’s kept the original tweet up, though.

The US government, of course, and Biden, have said, “Israel has a right to defend itself” in response to the rising violence.

Well, what about international law? This is an Apartheid state. Human rights watch agrees. It is the interventions in the Al-Asqa mosque and the Temple Mount that have caused this. Unesco agrees. The interventions in the al-asqa mosque compound are a violation of international law.

Israel is an occupying power. Israel is violating international law. Should that not be the focus of people’s attention here?

This is the spark. The temple mount escalations. That is what has caused the massive rise in violence between Palestinians and Israeli settlers recently – NOT rockets sent from the Hamas “air-strikes.”

Far-right Israelis are dragging Palestinians from their cars and beating them unconscious in the street. Why is the focus on “Israel has a right to be defending itself” when it is an occupying force breaking international law every day and committing crimes while the world looks the other way?

And if we look the other way this time, how can we point to other areas of the world and call those countries out for any crimes against humanity they may commit? Wouldn’t we be enabling that?

The world is watching this. And they are watching in horror.

The world is watching The world is watching these crimes in real time. The world is also watching as the United States, who talk about “rules based order” and “defending human rights” one day while blocking statements at the UN aimed at REDUCING tensions between Palestinians and Israelis the next.

The world is watching not only Israel, but is also watching just who is supporting you violating criminal law in a racist genocide, while pointing fingers elsewhere in the world.

The world is watching.

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