The problem isn’t that people don’t trust vaccines

In a blog post I wrote almost 6 months ago, “I don’t see this ending well, do you?“, I explained how in the last 4 years the British public had been bombarded with so much misinformation, disinformation and fake news, most of which through “authoritative” sources, that it was certain there was about to be serious opposition to the wide acceptance of any vaccine about to be rolled out in order “to keep us safe.”

A few months later, with much skepticism in the public psyche, especially within ethnic minorities, the government felt the need to boost confidence in the jab by gathering some familiar brown faces, one with an OBE (so you know HE can be trusted), all exclaiming the vaccine is totally safe and everything and can be trusted, it’s definitely not made of pork.

I guess these “celebrities” knew all of these facts because since they faded from the public eye they’ve all become experts on viruses or epidemiologists or something, and not because they’ve been asked to participate in a propaganda campaign on behalf of the state which they have historically dutifully served.

It matters not, the public didn’t really buy what they were saying. At least not the public in the comments section on Instagram underneath the video when it was posted. Take a look:

As you can see, there was a lot of mistrust out there at the time of that advert dropping a couple of months ago. There still is. Especially among ethnic minorities.

So much so in fact, that the establishment have now rolled out some more brown people, one of which has been knighted, Sir Lenny Henry, to tell all people of the darker-skinned equation once again that the covid vaccine is safe, and let’s face it the only way they’re going to be able to see their families again is if they take it.

I’m not kidding. This video starts off with a monologue on how we all love our mums and dads, but the only way you’ll see us again is if you get vaccinated. Judge for yourself the level of emotional blackmail in this PR stunt:

Let’s examine that video a little bit.

“You have legitimate worries and concerns and we hear that,” said Sir Lenny, “We know change needs to happen and that it’s hard to trust some institutions and authorities”, and he’s right. Change does need to happen, and it is hard for some to trust certain institutions and authorities, that’s for sure, but he never went on to explain why it’s so hard, did he?

Why do you think he skipped that part?

Do you think it’s because he’d have to say out loud, “I know the people who gave me a knighthood and their sycophants have lied to you your entire life, but they’re not lying this time, honest! So let them jab this sharp object in your arm it’ll be fine!”

One person in that video implied we needed to trust the vaccine because the facts came from, “our own professors, scientists and doctors involved.” Okay, so we’re supposed to believe those professors, scientists, experts etc, the ones agreeing with your narrative, but not professors, scientists and experts that say anything different, right?

Those professors, scientists and experts, they get silenced. And anybody who talks to them, well, they lose their YouTube accounts. Or Patreon accounts. Or the account at wherever they get their primary revenue source from. Don’t they?

Just the same as the professors, scientists and experts involved in investigating the facts surrounding the events in Douma in 2017 have been silenced and anybody who talks to them smeared in the media. Even though 4 whistleblowers have come forward with evidence that what the state and media said took place in Douma was a fabrication of events, we shouldn’t trust them. We should trust you, right? The state? And your experts?

Even though a BBC journalist publicly stated he could prove that hospital scene in Douma, the one filmed by the White Helmets, the one that led to the tri-lateral bombing of Syria, even though that expert publicly stated the scene was a complete fabrication, we still shouldn’t trust those professors, scientists and experts, right?

Isn’t it funny how we should only trust those experts who agree with your narrative on every issue? Isn’t that convenient?

Just in the last 4 years, just while I’ve been paying attention, our institutions and authorities have lied about so many issues that are inconvenient for them it’s hard to keep count, it’s not just Syria they’ve been lying about. They’ve tried to tell you Venezuela isn’t a democracy, they told us Trump was elected because Putin had a peepee tape, that the most anti-racist MP in history, Jeremy Corbyn, was actually a raging racist and they’ve told us so many lies about Julian Assange I could write a book about them. These are just a handful of many.

Rather than address any of these lies, of course, the media has decided to demonize anybody singing a different tune. Calling anybody speaking their mind “anti-vaxxers”, or any protesters protesting for any reason whatsoever smeared as “anti-lockdown mob”, causing each side to distrust each other even more.

And that’s the thing they’re missing in all of this, maybe they’re missing it on purpose? But that’s the real reason institutions and authorities are having such a hard time getting some communities to take up the vaccine.

There’s the real trust issue. There lies the crux of the problem.

It’s not that people don’t trust vaccines. It’s that people don’t trust YOU!

And considering your recent track record of lies and misinformation, I don’t blame them for a second. Do you?

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1 thought on “The problem isn’t that people don’t trust vaccines”

  1. Grahame G Bell

    it is niot generally known because the government went to extraordinary efforts ,much of it criminal ,to conceal the fact that every fatal casualty, every young person ,and they were mainly people who died from vCJD and every one of the 1 in 1,000 UK citizens that is now a “carrier” of this fatal condition ,that is why we cannot any longer use surgical instruments,ents more than once


    The millions of cattle that were slaughtered in funeral pyres around the country under the Over-Thirty-Months cattle scheme were slaughtered unnecessarily because No-One contracted OR WAS EVER LIKELY TO CONTRACT vCJD From Eating BSE Infected meat .They all were infected by vaccines.

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