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Meet the “Just Us” Democrats

When Cenk Uyger of “The Young Turks” news network announced the launching of “The Justice Democrats” in January of 2017 it was to much fanfare.

Such was the gravitas of the occasion, Cenk felt the need to invoke Martin Luther King in his launch video, explaining that just as Dr King’s intention with the civil rights movement was to save the soul of America, similarly the “Justice Democrats” were attempting to save the soul of the Democratic Party.

Here he is explaining just how much of a big deal he is, sorry, I mean, it was – watch:

You heard him. The Justice Democrats’ remit was a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party. They were going to run strong progressives who were going to represent, “Just us! Not the donors.”

All early signs were good. The Justice Democrat’s platform was extremely progressive, making the priorities of the people, their donors, front and center:

Eliminate money in politics
Medicare For All
Free College
A 15 Dollar Minimum Wage
A Green New Deal

The following year, the Justice Democrats ran 79 “Progressives” in the mid-terms, with 7 members winning seats including members of “The Squad”, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal and of course, media favourite Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As of the time of writing, the “Justice Democrats” have 10 members of the House of Representatives.

Pretty impressive in just 4 years, wouldn’t you say?

If you consider there are 219 Democrats currently elected in the house, that means the Justice Democrats now control about 5% of the house seats under Democratic control.

While that figure may not sound like a great deal, as Cenk never tired of explaining back in 2017, since the balance of power is so fine, once you gain a little cluster of seats like that you can start using your collective power to demand progressive policies in return for your support.

All things considered, 4 years on from their inception and in a post-Trump era, with 5% of the Democrats seats in the house and a Democratic President than ran on a 15 dollar minimum wage, you’d think the Justice Democrats have been a huge success, right?


The truth is, the Justice Democrats experiment hasn’t actually achieved anything at all. Not anything that could be counted as a real win for their voters, anyway. And what’s worse, this year they’ve actively done nothing when they had the chance to do so on multiple occasions, with AOC implying those pointing any of this out as might be “bad faith actors.”

In early January this year, they refused to use their power as a group and withhold their vote from Nancy Pelosi as speaker unless they received something in return for progressives voting for a House leader whose self-confessed best quality is raising money.

If getting money out of politics is the Justice Democrats biggest issue, why did they vote for a speaker worth a rumoured $160 Million who counts her ability to raise money (albeit sadly) among the main reasons she should be leader of the House of Representatives?

Instead of doing this, what became known as a #ForceTheVote on a house vote for Medicare for all, they chose to gaslight their own supporters into believing if they didn’t vote for Pelosi a far worse Republican would get in. Something that was not only untrue, but also I submit is impossible, since Nancy Pelosi IS about as Republican as you can get!

It would have been an historic win. The hostile takeover of the Democratic Party would have well and truly taken off.

Rather than seize that moment, instead they chose to demand, well, nothing. Nothing at all. They just gave their vote to a woman who believes her best quality is she raises the most money, something they say is their number one priority to stop, while Public Relations propagandists in the media ran interference for them, making excuses and smearing anybody giving them grief.

If you think that’s a damning indictment on the effectiveness of the Justice Democrats, it gets worse as they did practically the same exact thing again just a few weeks later.

Biden ran on a $15 minimum wage. It was pretty much the only progressive policy he supported. The Justice Democrats could have made sure, again, by using their leverage as a block vote of 10 in the house, to demand a $15 minimum wage was in the $1.9T Covid Relief Bill, or they vote against it.

It would have been incredible. They would have been thought of as heroes.

It was a piece of legislation that simply MUST pass. It didn’t get more MUST pass than that particular bill, and the Democrats have control of the House AND Senate. All the squad and Justice Dems needed to do was demand their OWN PARTY kept their main campaign promise. But instead, again, they chose to do nothing.

With, yet again, anybody in progressive circles pointing this out being smeared by paid propagandists in the liberal media whose only job now it seems is to muddy the waters.

They’re certainly not giving you the truth, are they?

Or are they? At least when it comes to the Justice Democrats. Or should I say, the “Just Us” Democrats? Remember? That’s why Cenk Uygur gave them that name.

“Just Us, Not the donors!”

He even said he didn’t mind the hashtag, #JustUs in his launch video.

You see, the thing the “Just Us” Democrats are most proud of, is they don’t take any corporate money. Their donors are people. Just ordinary people. People who thought they were funding a movement pushing hard for big money out of politics, for a Universal Healthcare system like the rest of the developed world, and for a $15 minimum wage.

Evidentially, they’re not, but Ironically they were telling the truth. Since It does seem to be the “Just Us” Justice Democrats. So far they’ve only represented “Just” the Democrats. They certainly haven’t represented their donors, have they?

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1 thought on “Meet the “Just Us” Democrats”

  1. The main problem with politicians in the US is that they are OVERPAID. Does anyone really think someone like former bartender AOC would be able to make her current salary of $175,000 in the private sector? Not only this, congressional reps get far better healthcare coverage than the vast majority of their constituents, and each of them has the realistic prospect of a multi-million dollar pension. Don’t forget the light workload, either: usually less than 150 workdays per year. Most people would kill for a job like these loafers have. So, they will do anything, including abandoning their principles and constituents, to keep their cushy jobs. Until the American public wakes up and drastically reduces their compensation and imposes term limits, there never will be any true “Justice Democrats.”

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