Journalism Drive

Thanks to your kind donations over the last 6 months, I have been able to purchase the equipment required to cover events live from the ground.

A General Election has been called in the UK on the 12th of December. With your support, I will be going wherever I need to in the UK to ask our MP’s questions our “Mainstream media”, are not willing to ask.

I want to ask our MP’s questions about subjects the Elite’s PR companies would rather you forget. Questions, for instance, about stories such as the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. I want to ask our candidates in the upcoming election if they will make any promises that they will bring those involved in his or any other high-profile elite paedophile ring to justice… matter how high profile any monsters may be. Even if that includes Royalty.

I want to ask questions about other subjects our “news media” are paid not to ask.

Questions, for instance, like how they felt about a second whisteleblower at the OPCW coming forward? A second whistleblower which casts even further doubt on an official story now so full of holes, it could be a picture of Jeremy Corbyn on a UK military shooting range.

Questions such as if the Tories want to defend media freedom so badly, why are they in the words of UN expert, Nils Melzer, “systematically persecuting” and “torturing” a publisher for publishing the truth?

Similarly, I want to ask their opposition why, if they value freedom of the press so much, have they said more about a Guardian journalist getting into a scuffle outside a pub, than they have about a publisher with a 100% factual record being tortured in UK’s Gitmo?

These questions are not being asked right now, and they won’t be unless WE ask them!

Stop looking to the “mainstream media” to ask the right questions and inform the right facts. They won’t. Their careers depend on them not doing so. Therefore, they’re not the news at all. They’re the mouthpieces of the global Elite and Governmental PR. They gatekeep secrets, they don’t expose them.

We are going to need to either be the new media or support the new media, if we have any chance at all at equality and fairness in our society.

Please continue to donate whatever you can if you support my work. There has never been a better time to be a journalist, but never a worse time to get paid for being a good one.

It’s that way for a reason. It’s so you never see the truth. Support those trying to show you it!