Gordon Dimmack, Roving Reporter

Thanks to your kind donations, I have been able to purchase the equipment required to cover events live from the ground!

I covered the Extinction Rebellion protests in London in April, along with the arrest of Julian Assange and susequent protests that followed. I’ll continue to report from the scene wherever possible on the illegal extradition of a journalist for doing journalism better than anybody else.

With your continued support, I will go into the heart of the action to give you the true feelings of the people of this country in the words of real people, rather than the propaganda you currently get from the UK’s Mockingbird-Media.

The amounts below are a running total each month of donations received outside of Patreon and other ongoing subscriptions.

Please continue to donate whatever you can if you support my work. There has never been a better time to be a journalist,but never a worse time to get paid for being a good one.

It’s that way for a reason. It’s so you never see the truth. Support those trying to show you it!



Donations so far:

March 2019: £540.18
April 2019: £494.86
May 2019: £416.00
June 2019: £409.39

Thank you!