I don’t see this ending well, do you?

It’s late November 2020, a year that will only go down in history if we’re lucky, and news broke a few days ago that renowned socialist and lifelong hero of the working class, Sir Keir Starmer, has refused to re-admit former Labour leader and Putin-apologist Jeremy Corbyn to the party, after Jeremy’s suspension was shockingly overturned by a Stalinist-leaning Marx-loving appeals’ panel, the NEC.

Sir Keir, Knighted in 2014 for his services to criminal justice (so you know whatever he says and does is right because he’s a “Sir”), blocked vegetarian and therefore animal-hater Corbyn from standing as a Labour M,P after he brazenly suggested that his enemies and a willing media had exaggerated claims of antisemitism within the Labour party for personal and political gain in order to oust the former leader.

A shocking accusation, one which the MP from Islington (and suspected swan-botherer) provided no proof of.

What Mr Corbyn needs to realize, in my humble opinion, that he’s not going to be re-admitted to the Labour Party because he just hasn’t apologized enough yet for him being a racist who hates the Jews, and he needs to apologize some more. If he just says “sorry” enough, and it surely won’t be long now, I’m sure the people who are attacking him will back off and then accept one final, heart-felt, honest, sincere apology and that will be the end of the matter. Jeremy’s strategy of apologizing for anti-Semitism in the Labour Party every time he opens his mouth for the last 5 years is so close to paying off, he shouldn’t quit just now. He just needs to stay the course and apologize more.

The more astute reader by now will have correctly deduced that I am being slightly sarcastic in my opening blog post.

It is, of course, preposterous to try to paint Jeremy Corbyn as racist. But it’s 2020, and all bets are off with a media that cares only about what gets clicks, what advances their careers and what gains them access to the their elite peers’ circles, instead of pursuing what all journalists used to pursue:

The Truth.

I’m sure the fact that the people calling Mr Corbyn an anti-Semite at every opportunity over the last few years, many of whom are not Jewish, by the way, I’m sure the fact that they also criticized him for everything else he has ever done in his life even down to his choice of anorak one rainy day, I’m sure that has nothing to do with their stance at all. I’m sure they really do believe that arguably the most anti-racist MP UK parliament has ever seen is actually a raging racist who hates the Jews.

They don’t, obviously. None of these so-called “journalists” writing about Corbyn and anti-Semitism in the mainstream media think Corbyn is racist, but that doesn’t matter. It’s 2020. And in the year of 2020, the truth doesn’t matter. Not even the littlest of bits.

For the last four years, world governing establishments have been waging war against us in the largest disinformation campaign this world has ever seen.

Not only have our media tried to tell you Corbyn is a raving racist who hates the Jews, but they’ve tried to convince the British public that Donald Trump was elected because he is a puppet of Vladimir Putin who personally hacked the DNC and gave their emails to Wikileaks because he hated Hillary Clinton, who is a saint, by the way.

They’ve told us Douma was a chemical attack perpetrated by Assad and only Assad, despite the fact the only people it helped were the terrorists, sorry, “moderate rebels” who controlled Douma at that time since Assad was about to win that war.

They’ve also tried to convince you the White Helmets are a saintly organization who are there to help the Syrian people caught in a civil war and definitely aren’t a propaganda construct working hand-in-glove with Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra.

Well, they do give Oscars away for acting, you know?

Our media have also tried to convince us in the last four years that Venezuela isn’t a democracy, that America is, that Julian Assange isn’t a journalist, that Luke Harding is, that Yemen, Palestine and “The Lobby” don’t exist but the pee-tape does, that Climate Change definitely exists but we should all hate any organization or person trying to do anything about it, that Brexit will kill all life on earth dead, that Joe Biden has more than two marbles still rolling around his lizard-looking corpse of a head and that Nigel Farage somehow has the support of around 4/5ths of the population of Great Britain.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot, Epstein definitely killed himself and we should not question that, ever, and Manafort definitely met Julian twice in the Embassy despite it being the most surveilled premises on the planet and no proof ever provided.

This is just the last few years. I could keep going back further and just look at the wars built on lies: Libya, Afghanistan, weapons of Mass destruction, incubator babies, the gulf of Tonkin, the Lusitania, the list goes on and on and on and always with a willing media to do the ruling establishment’s PR for them.

And after this torrential onslaught of misinformation, disinformation and outright lies on their own people, our media are now trying to tell the people they have been hiding truth from, and at war with for the last 4 years, that they must now take this new vaccine, and it’s totally safe and everything because the people that made the vaccine said so and the stock market agreed, and it’s definitely not rushed or anything despite the fact when Russia got one first they all said that it was a political stunt, and the vaccine they’ve ordered 100 million doses of hasn’t got any proof that it works yet but we’re assured it does 94% of the time and absolutely won’t lead to you being sterile in 5 years time or something like that. Or your children being born with fins. Honest.

I don’t see this ending well. Do you?

I think it’s fair to say, without too much tooting of my own horn, that any person who has followed my videos over the last few years would say I have done my level best to report the truth. It’s almost been my mission to report to you factual information, and without fail corrected any mistakes.

This cannot be said for our mainstream and legacy media.

However, if I am to continue to be honest, it’s almost a certainty that I believe in at least one fake news story that has been invented to obscure the truth, regardless of how hard I have tried to check everything. There has been so much misinformation and disinformation spread by governments and Western media in the last 10 years it’s a certainty that every single one of us, every single one of us on this planet, believe in at least one story that is false.

Every one of us.

This article in the Guardian is FAKE NEWS
This Guardian article is 100% untrue and FAKE NEWS, yet our media amplified it uncritically regardless.

Our media have lied to us for so long and on so many subjects that how anybody can take their word for anything on any topic whatsoever is beyond me. Their only focus for the last 4 years has been to amplify intelligence services disinformation and aide in governmental public relations.

The Skripals, Syria, Assange, Russiagate, our media have promoted spy agency lies about them all, very few of us believe any of the official stories, and now nobody believes them on anything, right at the point in the last 50 years which they need us to trust them the most: as mass vaccinations are rolled out to a scared, confused, beleaguered and in many cases, extremely angry, public.

In order for us to get through this next uncertain period, which is no doubt going to be extremely tough for most of us, we all need to realize what we think we know, might not be true, and not be dogmatic in our views. We need to all come together, left and right, and realize thanks to the last four years that every one of us believes things that are false, and start from there.

I suggest where we go from there is start having conversations about subjects we agree on, and stop thinking flinging shit at each other like demented chimps on Twitter is somehow changing the world. It’s not. You can’t have a conversation in 280 characters I don’t care how good your emojis are.

Besides which, Twitter is soon to be classed as a publisher, and if that’s the case I suggest it’s about time they start paying us for our content, or we bugger off somewhere else.

I suggest somewhere on the blockchain.

8 thoughts on “I don’t see this ending well, do you?”

  1. I tend to believe the hype about the vaccines because it would be a PR nightmare for any big Pharma company purposely being misleading about so important a finding. Most of the research in the USA is funded by taxpayers and all grants from NIH and other agencies are peer-reviewed. Since I’m pushing 71, I’m in a high-risk group for covid-19, and I’m more than willing to take the slight risk associated with any vaccine. Sign me up, NOW.

  2. Yep.
    That confusion might (almost certainly?) be more profitable for those within the media. The fewer bits of reality that are settled facts, the more topics to fill air time with,”debating”, and the greater the number of industry-funded think tank tools who can get gigs as guest pundits.

    My answer to alleviate some of this :
    1)Enforce the existing anti-trust laws , starting with media. (US – Don’t know what the rest of ‘yall could do.)
    2) No government contracts for any media, their parent companies, subsidiaries, companies owned by their major shareholders (Amazon, for ex) , etc.

    Once the media is broken down into smaller bits, & don’t have an incentive/fear to push government propaganda, those within it will be more free to call “Bullshit”.

    When I run for POTUS, I’ll make that a central part of my platform. :PPPP

    Semi-random wonderings :
    *Once the vaccine(s) is widely administered, will we have COVID spike, as most eschew the mask? As of now, 1 in 20 will not be protected by it.
    *Are the ~5% of people not protected, the same for each vaccine, or is it different subsets of 5%?
    *If the latter, then the lower efficacy(& public confidence ) might be MORE profitable for the drug companies, collectively, as people will then get multiple vaccines.

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