“Workers Unite!” (But not with the right, that’s fascism)

A couple of days ago comedian and popular political commentator, Jimmy Dore, was once again trending on Twitter. He’s been making quite a habit of that recently, has Mr Dore.

The last time was just a couple of weeks ago, when he had the temerity to demand “progressives” within the Democratic Party such as AOC and Ilhan Omar, withhold their vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house in exchange for an historic floor vote on Medicare for all.

The hashtag #ForceTheVote then trended on twitter. This became an annoyance for progressive Democrats, none more so than “Squad” member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez since she had a hard time coming up with a good reason not to do what Dore was demanding they do. Then she continued to change her excuse like a 4 year old caught in a lie as every reason she gave quickly changed once it was pointed out her reasoning was flawed.

Regardless, Nancy Pelosi was appointed speaker of the house. Nothing was demanded in exchange for the votes of “the squad”, despite Pelosi’s hawkish neoliberal views and record of doing the bidding for corporate power. Nancy herself counts her ability to gain funding from corporations as one of her biggest strengths. Some “leftie” she is.

Anyway, right at the point when “the left” within the DNC had the most power, right at the point they could finally go for it and try and get momentum behind a floor vote on medicare for all, they chose not to demand anything at all. They capitulated. Chose instead to give their vote to Nancy Pelosi demanding nothing in return. Likewise, right at the point left-leaning supposed “progressive” media could help to push the “squad” to do what their base support and the majority of Americans want, they chose instead to run interference for the DNC and make excuses for them.

Jimmy pissed off a lot of people in DNC circles, who then seemed to don beige anoraks en-masse and morph into flashers, they exposed themselves so blatantly in their sycophantic corralling behind the squad and DNC narrative. How badly askew must your moral compass be to run interference for a severely authoritarian right-wing party, who probably welcome Tucker Carlson et al calling them the “radical left”?

Anyway, that’s the backstory on why Jimmy trended on Twitter. Alongside #ForceTheVote.

This most recent eruption though, Jimmy was trending not for pissing off the Democratic Party and it’s affiliates, but for this time pissing off the Socialist Equality Party and it’s affiliates – namely the brilliantly informative World Socialist Website.

Jimmy somehow managed to offend them all by having Jerome White of the SEP and editor of the WSWS on his show to talk about a possible strike, but the interview quickly disintegrated and all manner of hell ensued. I know! The madman! Jimmy Dore? Bringing on a socialist to talk about a strike? What on earth did he think was going to happen? Unity?

Well, the problem wasn’t anything to do with a possible strike, but the guest Jimmy had on his show before Jerry.

Watch the whole video for the complete picture:

So, there you go. You heard it. If you’re a person who is anti-war, pro-peace, anti racist, against police brutality, pro sex work, want to legalize all drugs, end all wars, anti ICE , you’re pro-LGBTQ AND you’re Black Lives Matter? Well, then according to Jerry of the SEP, then what actually you are is you’re a fascist and we shouldn’t talk to you at all.

Well, if that’s the case then my fiance is a fascist too, Jerry. Because she holds all the same beliefs that Jimmy’s guest Magnus says he holds. Including the fact that he admitted he seemed to like a bit of cock, something I know my fiance also likes. Not sure if she wants Orlando Bloom’s, though.

Also, and as we have already displayed it doesn’t matter here whether you agree on basically every important issue, if you’re a “Boogaloo boy”, then not only are you a fascist, you’re a fascist radicalized and possibly funded by white supremacist nationalist dark money.

Also also, and this is the quote which is confusing most to me, Jerry says, “You can’t bring the left and right together!”, whilst a few sentences later saying that what America needs is the working class both left and right “to unite”, and doing it with a straight face and without a hint of irony at all.

Also also also, Jerry doesn’t think that Joe Biden is a fascist at all. Not even a little bit. Certainly way less than anti-war pro-peace against racism anti police brutality pro sex work pro legalizing all drugs pro peace anti Ice pro-LGBTQ pro-Black Lives Matter Magnus.

No, Joe’s the least like a fascist here. Despite the fact Biden brags about writing a crime bill which crushed people of colour inordinately, brags that the Patriot act, which is basically a license to go to war without declaring it to persecute and crush people of colour inordinately (again), Biden brags it was actually a redraft of one of his bills.

Oh yeah. And while under Obama as VP he helped make Bush’s 2 wars into 7 and expanded the unconstitutional security state before handing the reigns over to somebody who actually really DID hold fascist views, Donald J. Trump. I could go on with his record as a Senator and mention Anita Hill etc, but I don’t need to. I’m sure by now you get my point.

Magnus hasn’t done any of that. He’s done security for Black Lives Matter, though. And that makes him untrustworthy. And fascist.

If you’re confused by all this, join the club.

How can you call for people in the working class to unite, and then immediately dismiss 50% of the working class? How can you then say a person who is anti-war pro-peace ahhh go you know the thing, that guy, Magnus, how can you say he’s on the right because he’s not any of those things at all because he’s a boogaloo boy and that means that he’s on the EXTREME right and we definitely don’t have a message of unity for him no matter how much he “boogies.”?

Well, if that’s your message, that you want to unite the working class but not any working class from “the right”? And if your message is that if people verge on the libertarian or anarchist might get casually smeared by the editor of a publication as an anti-Semite? On a show which has supported that outlet as much and arguably more than any other media has in the US? Well, I don’t have high hopes for your message of unity. Do you?

That’s not a message of unity at all. That actually sounds much more like a message of total control to me. One where it’s the Trotsky ideology or it’s the highway because everything else is fascism. Especially if the left and the right unite. Which is what you are calling for, but then puzzlingly saying you’re not actually calling for that because you actually only want half of the people to unite without any hint of irony at all. Remarkable.

And if you don’t have a message for Magnus like Jerry?

Well, then you just alienated somebody who could be on your side and actively smeared them as a possible anti-Semite, haven’t you? You’ve helped push them into the arms of the real hard-right who really are racist fascists, haven’t you?

What Jerry is doing is dangerous, and undercuts the WSWS entire message of unity. Instead of having a message for a man like Magnus he has decided to smear him and attempt to push him to the margins. Margins that are full of the welcoming arms of extremists from all ideologies. Margins that allow bad ideas to fester and radicalize people who otherwise might be your ally on the left.

So, that’s what’s got my attention this week. In other news, there’s still a raging global pandemic which the BBC say has now killed 100k Brits along with millions worldwide and Julian Assange didn’t get bail despite not being extradited to the US on the grounds that the US prison system is too brutal. But it’s not brutal because fascism, though. Because that all stopped when Trump left the Whitehouse. Apparently.

Now I don’t know about you, and I’m not saying I was overly optimistic for 2021, but it’s not off to a good start, is it?

Before you go….

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4 thoughts on ““Workers Unite!” (But not with the right, that’s fascism)

  • January 27, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    Beige anoracks and ‘liking a bit of cock’- your writing style is classic!

  • January 27, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    Nice piece, Gordon. I’m not optimistic about 2021, either. First Trump, now Biden. New strains of Covid, and lies about vaccine supplies even though the US gov. has already paid those big Pharma bastards.

    Keep reporting, Thanks

  • January 27, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Hi Gordon,

    I listen and read a lot of alternative news. Any intelligent person would these days!!!! And I’m thick!!!
    I watch a lot of Jimmy Dore as he seems to understand the workings of the corrupt political system of the US and seems to have his finger on the pulse without much BS. His #ForceTheVote showed up the so called progressives for what they really are. Under the total control of the DNC. The progressives say one thing then do the other which has been so very very disheartening and has left me not ever trusting what they say again. Pity but there we are. Have a great day.

  • February 5, 2021 at 8:06 am

    Great stuff Gordon, watch Jimmy Dore daily, F predictive text,
    Happy to see you growing your channel, spreading the message, I support you idealogically and financially, thru Assange et al, and your support of proper left, Chris Williamson etc, keep shouting truth man, an old hippy, …..


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