Policing Bill Protesters in London falsely branded “anti-Lockdown mob”

This past weekend, I traveled to London to cover a protest which I had a feeling, all current events considered, might turn out to be quite large.

I was right.

Old media were in London too. The Sun said the protest was an “anti-lockdown mob”, and the BBC and Sky said the potest consisted of “hundreds”.

These news reports were then spread on Social Media by well-known commentators on Twitter, who were all sitting at home and not actually there at the event, by the way, which then led to thousands of people in comment sections below arguing with each other that the “ant-lockdown mob of scum” were either far left or far right “Covidiots”, depending on which fits their narrative.

Now, I don’t know which protest they were talking about, but it wasn’t the one we went to. That one was totally different.

First of all, “Hundreds?” of protesters? Really? This is my own footage taken between Downing St and Trafalgar square. Now tell me, does that look like hundreds to you?

Bare in mind – the two outlets calling that a crowd of “hundreds” had helicopters in the sky overhead.

How is it possible to mistake that amount of people for a few hundred. Unless, of course, you’re intentionally lying?

They always do this. Old media have misreported the size of the crowd at every single protest at I have ever been to, depending on which fits their narrative.

The protest I attended, the one which people on Twitter didn’t, began at 1pm, marching through the streets of London for hours, and consisted of thousands of people protesting many, many different grievances. There were many different signs of many different messages.

There were people there protesting what they believed to be a hoax. As there were anti-vaxxers and people protesting the lockdown.

But they were on the fringes. As I said, there were many different things being protested that day, however the overwhelming majority of people weren’t protesting the lockdown or a vaccine, they were primarily protesting one of two things:

1: The government’s intention to make effective protest illegal

2: Police Brutality, especially of course, the murder of Sarah Everard, and what many feel to be a cover-up culture in the force.

That’s why people were protesting. Sure, there were a lot of idiots, there always are in large crowds. But that protest was mostly about the Police Crackdown Bill.

Go and ask people who were there.

Instead of reporting that, though, the truth, old media creates inaccurate headlines that invoke an emotional reaction in order to get clicks for profit, while the BBC do everything they can to misreport things in a way that dissuades others from joining the protest.

The protest ended at Trafalgar Square just after 4pm, and the protesters who wished to stay a little longer, rather than cause further traffic problems, walked to St James’s Park down the road where there was plenty of space to spread out.

Far better for social distancing, wouldn’t you agree?

I stayed for an hour and had a chat with a dozen or so people who were there protesting Julian Assange’s mistreatment – something else old media constantly lie about.

I left after 5pm as a few hundred were left at St James’s Park.

The Police, all day long, could do absolutely nothing about any of this.


There were just too many people. All they could do is drive around in circles sirens blaring, or line up alongside the route protecting places they are scared might be attacked, like outside New Scotland Yard.

They couldn’t stop the protest.

And that was the main point of it.

Any incidents along that march that day were fringe incidents. It was only later, when a few hundred people were left, all standing in a field hurting nobody, that the police moved in and caused, well, more incidents.

There were people there the weekend from all points of the political spectrum, all getting along with each other. Singing and dancing.

People on the left and on the right and everywhere inbetween – all turning their attention towards a system screwing them all.

But those reports won’t help the establishment keep people distracted, or grab people’s attention enough to make them go to their sorry “news” site.

Those headlines won’t get you on their page, or make you disable your ad blocker, accepting all cookies.

Which seems to be the aim of old, ad-based media.

It certainly isn’t reporting the truth that drives them, is it?

Before you go….

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One thought on “Policing Bill Protesters in London falsely branded “anti-Lockdown mob”

  • March 24, 2021 at 7:52 pm

    Nice to see you back on the streets Gordon. Thanks for your coverage, I’m sick of the hack media and their stenography for power. We need you… and others like you!


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