Meet the new boss! Biden bombs Syria

As you’ve probably already heard, a few days ago US President Joe Biden sanctioned military action in Syria which killed 22 people. News which made me declare out loud, “Of course he did! Isn’t this a right of passage for Presidents now? You’re not really President until you bomb Syria?”

At least that’s what Fareed Zakaria told us last time…

Anyway, Biden bombed Syria, killing 22 people, supposedly because a US contractor was killed in an attack on a town in Iraq two weeks before. No, you heard that right… A US contractor in Iraq was killed two weeks Biden killed 22 people in Syria.

After the attack President Biden told the Iranian regime, “you can’t act with impunity. Be careful!” Again, you heard that right…Biden killed 22 in Syria, a country the US is illegally occupying and unconstitutionally bombing without Senate approval, as a warning to Iran, a country which the US is illegally and unconstitutionally bombing without Senate approval, because a US contractor was killed in Iraq – Iraq, you know, a country which the US is illegally occupying and bombing unconstitutionally.

If all that’s right, and I think it is, what’s wrong? You know? For instance, these 22 people, were they even bad guys? Did anybody in with a press pass stop to ask that question? Were they actually terrorists? Or does the CIA and Pentagon now just assume every dead body in the Syria is a win for America?

Did any “journalist” ask if all the people killed were “bad guys?” 90% of all people killed in strikes like these are innocent.

Also, who the hell are they fighting, anyway, the Americans? Aren’t Iran in Syria at Syria’s request because they’re fighting Isis? So doesn’t that technically mean that Biden just bombed people who were fighting Isis?

And what does “US Contractor” mean, journalists? Isn’t “US contractor” code for “Employed in the private sector by a Western company currently stealing Syria’s oil?

Who are the bad guys here? Really?

All these so-called “journalists” say in their “news” reports – is Biden bombed “Iran backed-militia”, and what the hell does that mean any more? Does it mean any brown person in the area fighting for the self-determination of it’s own people? Because that seems to be the case in Yemen. You know, Yemen, the war we’re up to our necks in that’s starving half it’s population, and causing the largest outbreak of cholera in the history of ever?

No, of course you don’t know about that. You get your news from “trusted sources” like CNN. who reported the news that 22 people were murdered in Syria this way:

“Biden sends a message to Iran, but with a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer”

In this article, CNN seem to me to be implying that Biden is telling Iran Iran to come back to the JCPOA, the nuclear deal, something America withdrew from, because he bombed Syria as a warning to them. If that’s true it’s bad enough but think about CNN’s mataphor here: “a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer”

Biden bombed Syria, but this is totally different to when Trump bombed Syria. Because when Trump bombed Syria, he killed no-one, and that’s a Sledgehamme, but this time Biden used less bombs but killed 22 people. So that’s a scalpel. I doubt they have any idea whether any of them were bad guys at all. No idea whether any were innocent women and children. I doubt they even asked.


I’m tired of our media. Those people Biden murdered had had families, friends, wives, children, sisters, fathers, mothers. I want to hear their stories. The families and friends of the people Joe Biden just murdered in an illegal, unconstitutional, “scalpel” attack.

Any media outlet or journalist who sits in front of any governmental spokesperson who stands there and declares they just killed people in a type of attack that statistically almost certainly included innocent people, in an unconstitutional and illegal bombing, while illegally occupying and stealing sovereign countries oil, and doesn’t ask even the most basic of question, like, “What legal basis are you using here?” or, “How many kids did you kill this time?”, or “just how can you laughingly justify this, as a ‘defensive action?’ – Any journalist not asking questions like that, you should stop listening to.

Because they’re not journalists. They’re PR to the powerful, and they’re lying to you to manufacture consent for murder and illegal war.

He bombed Syria before signing off on Covid relief. Doesn’t that tell you his Priorities. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Before you go….

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