Do you trust the media?

Latest figures are showing that Trust in the media globally has fallen yet again, and for the UK and US, it’s at an all-time low. For those who have been paying any attention whatsoever and not in a coma, this news comes as no surprise.

I mean, just look at major news stories in the last 5 years alone. In that time period our media have been trying to tell us that, Donald Trump was Vladimir Putin’s Puppet. That he was President because Russia hacked the election. That our only involvement in the Yemen war is humanitarian. That Boris Johnson isn’t racist. That Jeremy Corbyn is. That Epstein killed himself, that Juan Guaido is President of Venezuela even though only 18% of Venezuelans had ever heard of him, and that Bashar Al-Assad gassed his own people right before he won a decade-long war ensuring powers greater than he would bomb the crap out of him.

This situation is bad enough, however it’s becoming far worse since most recently those who have been so obviously and absolutely wrong about these gigantic stories, are now moving to either smear, or in some cases call for the total de-platforming of, those that have got these huge stories right.

My friend Jimmy Dore, who has reported all of them far more accurately than anybody at CNN or The New York Times, has been under seemingly relentless attack all year for doing the unthinkable. He’s decided to report accurately all the ways in which the democratic party including AOC and the squad are capitulating on every single campaign promise.

I know, he’s so selfish. You’re only supposed to show how bad Republicans lie, Jimmy. Not that Democrats do it just as much! Your words are too violent!

Others have been de-platformed totally. Another friend of mine Vanessa Beeley, whose been the target of multiple smear pieces from legacy media outlets and has now had her YouTube channel deleted, as has Hard Lens Media, and others have had their revenue attacked by demonetization on Google and some have had their Patreon suspended.

Other popular journalists Matt Taiibi and Glenn Greenwald have also come under particularly fire recently. The accusation is that they’ve honed their craft at “trusted” media sources, gone rogue, and have headed on over to Substack where the big bucks are.

Ridiculous, I know.

Now, I’m sure you’ll agree, all of this is all pretty ridiculous, and kinda scary on it’s own. I mean, if the people who got the biggest stories in the last few years so right are silenced by those who got them intentionally wrong on behalf of the powerful, how will we know anything the news tells us going forward is true?

Then it gets scarier when you think that these “mistakes” always seem to aid in the manufacture of consent for war, and it gets even scarier when you see algorithms forcing us away from truth-tellers and towards more “Trusted, Approved Sources” who’ve been guilty not just been getting stories this wrong for the last few years, they’ve been getting them wrong and manufacturing consent for war for the last few decades.

Maybe longer.

But then it gets terrifying, when you consider right now the same journalists who’ve been oh so loud in their attacks on the truth tellers, those same journalists who then scream “harassment” when people highlight their inaccuracies, have also been oh so deafeningly quiet on the continued incarceration and psychological torture of the best journalist of them all, one whose never published anything untrue, whose published more documents of global gravitas in 10 years than the entire media did in the previous 50

Julian Assange.

Honestly, my only surprise, all things considered, is that anybody trusts the media at all.

Before you go….

There’s never been a more important time for independent journalism, or a worse time to get paid for it. I don’t get any advertising money at all at the time of writing.

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One thought on “Do you trust the media?

  • March 21, 2021 at 4:25 pm

    Most Americans don’t understand that mainstream anchors are nothing more than propagandists for their corporate bosses. The illusion of free speech has been drilled into our heads since preschool, and we’ve come to believe the myth that “they couldn’t say it on TV if it wasn’t true”. So, we accept the lies without any thought or challenge. It is no wonder that independent, real journalists like you, Jimmy Dore, Graham Ellwood, Jamarl Thomas, Jordan Chariton, and precious few others seem to have so little impact on most of society. But, you just have to keep trying if for no other reason than to pass on the torch to the next generation of truth-tellers.

    Ps. Nice fedora, Gordon!


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