Biden’s “Killer” jab at Putin Backfires Badly

President Joe Biden still hasn’t held a press conference. What’s he scared of? I mean, did they see some of Trump’s? He can’t do worse than those, right?

Anyway, instead of a press conference, Biden decided to do a nice sit-down chat with the co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America, George Stephanopolis instead.

Stephanopolis is a colourful chap. He’s in the past been guilty of donating tens of thousands to the DNC without revealing it to his employer or his viewers while interviewing members of the party. Who in 2010 also attended a dinner party at Jeffrey Epstein‘s mansion, alongside guests which included Charlie Rose, Woody Allen, and Prince Andrew! Nice friends!

Why does he get to ask the President questions but no other journalists do?

Anyway, he got to ask questions which, you’ll be astounded to find out, the Military industrial complex and CIA must have been overjoyed with such was their sabre-rattling nature.

He directly asked Biden if he thought Vladimir Putin was a “Killer”, which seems to be a ritual for presidents to answer now, to which Biden, now infamously of course said, “I do”.

The question itself is a stupid question on the face of it. At best it’s incredibly naive or out of touch.

Of the two countries during my lifetime, I know which one I think are the biggest killers. And it’s not Russia by a long way. Even Trump knew how hypocritical it would sound if he answered similar when they asked him the same question. Remember?

“There’s plenty of killers.” he said. It was one of the few times he told the truth, and got absolutely caned for it in the media, of course!

One stat I saw last week estimated 15 million have been murdered by the US war machine in 28 sovereign nations since Vietnam. You know, for peace!

You may say Biden wasn’t President for those but he was Vice President to President, umm, you know, the thing, President MyBoss, and he turned Bush’s 2 wars into 7, while bombing so much in one country he ran out of bombs, had an actual kill list, and turned turn the richest country in Africa into a failed state with open slave markets.

And let’s remember, Joe Biden wrote the Crime Bill which is responsible for probably half of those incarcerated in America right now and BRAGS about writing the first draft of the murderous Patriot Act.

Just those stats alone alone makes Joe Biden look like Genghis Kahn compared to anything alleged of Putin, a lot of which is of course exaggerated by Western Media to create an enemy for the MIC.

And that’s what people like George Stephanopolous serve, The Military Industrial Complex and the CIA. It’s certainly not journalism or the truth. The war machine is his master, and they need an enemy to justify a Trillion dollar a year spending and a thousand-plus military bases around the world.

They’re doing it again right now, as I speak, with China. China’s the biggest enemy! China’s the biggest threat!

They never say what this threat is, do they? Is it Efficiency?

Anyway hardly any of that was interesting to me, it’s all very standard stuff, been doing it for years. What was very interesting to me though, was Putin’s response

It wasn’t just when he responded: “I wish him well”, either, which I lol’d at but Putin made a point of saying he wasn’t joking. Neither am I. I think President Harris is in our very near future and I’m not the only one. Anyway it wasn’t that part of the response that interested me, it was this:

Vladimir Putin also, while telling America on the world stage to look in the mirror when calling others “killers”, also challenged Biden to a one on one debate, live.

And I for one, find that very, very interesting indeed.

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine a world where our leaders debate each other, openly, honestly, fairly, in front of an entire world audience?

Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Maybe then dialogue with our neighbors in other countries can begin, and we can all start realising how much we have in common, and threats of war subside. And maybe then the world will realize we all face a far, far bigger threat than any coming from Russia, or China, or Isis or Iran or Afghanistan or Yemen or the peoples republic of madeupistan. Maybe then we can realise that we all face a far bigger threat than that.

Because honestly, if we don’t start realizing all lives on this planet are equal, and we don’t stop destroying this planet for profit and learn to live in harmony with it and each other in future, we may not have much of a future, at all.

And as a very smart man once said, If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth” – and the truth can’t be heard, if nobody is talking to each other. Can it?

Before you go….

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2 thoughts on “Biden’s “Killer” jab at Putin Backfires Badly

  • March 25, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    Well said, Gordon. I will be saving your “Killer,” response. You are master and wordsmith of the Queen’s English. The essay has never been so persuasive. I consider myself part of the hoi polloi and you can represent me before the court of final judgement. Keep up the good and necessary work. Thank you for my education.


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