About Me

The corporate and mainstream media have sunk to such depths of distrust, that the public are tuning in to the rantings of a middle aged man on his YouTube channel instead.
That’s a damning indictment on the state of Western media today, in my opinion. Which is really something considering I’m the middle aged man in question.

The Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column, in the UK and many other Western countries, which is extremely dangerous. Democracy can only thrive if it has an independent media holding power and government to task, unearthing lies and corruption rather than being complicit in them, as our media now sadly is.

I promise that with your support I will continue in my attempts to get to the truth of matters and report the facts as I see them and to be consistent in my analysis and conclusions. As these are qualities which are so currently lacking in our corporate and establishment media.

I cannot continue to do this without your help, so please support my work with however much you can afford. Even a single dollar a month contribution helps. If just 1 in 5 of my YouTube subscribers were to do that, I would have my head above water.

Thank you for your continued support.